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Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Hosting

With the dedicated server hosting solution, you lease an entire hosting server whose resources will be used only by your web sites. Just like any personal computer, each dedicated hosting server has one or more microprocessors operating at a particular speed, a given amount of memory, one or more hard disks, etc.

Dedicated Server

Purchasing a dedicated hosting means that you get a whole physical machine at your disposal. Unlike the hosting services or the Virtual Servers environment where you share a server with a given number of other customers, with a dedicated hosting server you can use all the resources for your web portals' demands.

Dedicated Hosting Server

Dedicated web hosting servers are generally much more expensive than shared servers or VPS web hosting servers. Why would anyone, then, want to use them? The reply is rather simple. If your company has a content-heavy online portal, or just has very precise web server configuration requirements, the proper choice is a dedicated hosting server.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web servers are traditionally much more expensive than shared hosting web servers or VPS web servers. If your company has a resource-intensive site, or just has very exact server configuration requirements, the wisest option would be a dedicated hosting server. For somebody who is inclined to invest in safety and reliability, the higher price is not a concern.

Dedicated Servers

A dedicated server can be administered either by the hosting company, or by the client, on the basis of the given dedicated servers package. In either instance, the side managing the dedicated machine has access to a software tool to reboot it at any time. Management is done through a web hosting CP user interface that enables you to monitor the processes running on the dedicated machine.

Top Dedicated Hosting Server

Resellers Panel monitors all dedicated web hosting servers for ping timeouts, and, if you order a Managed Services upgrade, they monitor the individual services on the dedicated web hosting server as well. Backups are also an extra option - the hosting company offers you data backups on their own backup web servers.